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The use of  PDC drilling bits in the world can do without, for the production of oil and gas well drilling of wells and geothermal wells in particular, are long gone.
Long life and durability combined with a high rate of penetration they do, in addition to modern drilling rigs, an indispensable tool.
One reason to learn more about this technology, what are your strengths and where your limits
  • What means PDC
PDC is the abbreviation for "Poly Crystalline Diamond" sometimes also the German abbreviation PKD is used.
As the name suggests, is this is a diamond shape in the carbon of the diamond, does not consist of a single crystal but of many crystals.
This so-called carbon in the sintering process is applied to a substrate and then connected under great pressure and heat to many carbon crystals


          PDC in the picture clearly recognizable as a black layer on the carrier / Cutter.


The carrier is made of a hard metal such as Tungsten carbide and can have different shapes, in our case the
support cylindrical body, the so-called cutter.
The thus applied to the support poly-crystalline diamond know a hardness to the diamond equivalent but significantly higher impact resistance and is thus particularly well for the drilling of hard rock


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  • What can damage a PDC ?
A PDC cutter can mean drilling in conjunction with other editors to achieve a drilling head as the cutting edge stays sharp for a long time,
he cuts with each turn off the rock from the ground.
This hardness is also the reason which can destroy the PDC when not used properly. The special hardness of natural diamond is also accompanied by special brittleness. The PDC is already less brittle than the natural diamond and is therefore dynamic loads such as withstand shocks better.
Nevertheless, there is also a limit is exceeded as soon as they break the PDC layer from the substrate, usually not completely but only partly because the connection to the carrier is very stable and strong.
This can happen if the PDC cutter extremely large impact forces such as those exposed when drilling in hard rock occur in which individual pebbles or other debris are simultaneously on the bottom hole.
The damage to one or more cutters may thus lead to decreased drilling as soon as it is discovered, the drilling head should be replaced during this process the damaged bit can repaired in the most cases by replacing PDC Cutter
  • What are the conditions required for the drilling rig ?

The drill rig does not require any special conditions, it should mainly be able to reach the for PDC drill bits drilling speed that is required, depending on hole diameter 100-150 RPM.

PDC bits also require significantly less load to be profitable drilling than comparable rock bits and are therefore ideal to use with relatively small drilling rigs.

More information can be found in our PDC leaflet that below is available for download ...


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